Comfort One


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1. What support is recommended for installing a COMFORT~ONE™ cable? 2. Which product can be used to cover a COMFORT~ONE™ cable? 3. What floor covering can be installed on top of a Comfort~One cable? 4. Can a COMFORT~ONE™ cable be installed under a hardwood floor? 5. How do you calculate the surface to be covered? 6. Who can install a COMFORT~ONE™ cable? 7. I damaged a cable. What should I do? 8. Is it possible to heat a room or an entire house with a Comfort~One cable? 9. It is possible to heat a solarium or a sunroom with a Comfort~One cable? 10. Does a COMFORT~ONE™ heating floor system increase energy costs? 11. Can the cable be cut if there is a surplus length? 12. Can a COMFORT~ONE™ cable be stapled? 13. Is there a fire hazard with the COMFORT~ONE™ cable? 14. How many cables can be installed on the same thermostat? 15. Does a COMFORT~ONE™ emit an electromagnetic field? 16. Can a thermostat of another brand than COMFORT~ONE™ be used?